NOVO Experience

There are 3 easy steps. Scroll down to get started.

prepare for your experience

In order to fully engage in this experience, here are your essential items:

  • Charged Phone

    Please take a moment to turn OFF all notifications on your phone so that you can truly focus on the experience without interruption. It’s okay. It’s just 1 hour and everything else in your world can be put on pause. Your phone cannot be on airplane mode so that’s not an option. Make the choice to quiet all other noise and focus on Jesus.

  • Headphones

    This experience is between you and Jesus, not the person in the next room or at the next bench. Plug in and let everything else fade away for just a little while. 

  • Processing Tool, Bible, Journal

    We WANT you to meet with Jesus and process through this experience. Open your Bible, take notes in your journal, pray, worship, seek to meet with your Creator and let Him meet with you.

pick your experience

We have crafted 3 experiences for you to pick from (see below). We ask that you fully engage in 1 experience. However if you’d like to go through more than 1 you may. It’s really up to you and how you feel led to meet with Him. We do ask that you prayerfully choose and then make the commitment to finish it, talking to Jesus along the way. 

pick your location

Here is a list of places we recommend to engage in the experience around Austin: 

mount bonnell

outdoor | 4.1 mi

zilker park

outdoor | 6.1 mi

lady bird lake

outdoor | 6.2 mi

barton creek greenbelt

outdoor | 8.4 mi

zilker botanical garden

outdoor | 6.0 mi

austin central library

indoor | 5.5 mi

blanton museum of art

indoor | 4.2 mi

harry ransom center

indoor | 4.1 mi

mueller lake park

indoor/outdoor | 2.6 mi