What is NOVO?

In the hard work of ministry, it can be easy to forget why we do what we do. We lose sight of the moment we ourselves first encountered the risen Jesus and were both captivated and transformed. We forget that before we are leaders, we are first sons and daughters of God.

NOVO is a renewal experience for pastors, church staff, and anyone who desires to be refreshed in their faith, reminded of their first love, and encouraged in their calling.

An invitation to remember

In the busyness of ministry, it can be easy to forget our first love: Jesus. We often forget that before we are leaders or ministers, we are first sons and daughters of God. NOVO will be an opportunity to pause and remember Christ and His calling on your life.

A time to renew

Ministry can leave us weary — physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Without true rest, it can be easy to run on fumes, become disenchanted, or burn out. NOVO will provide time and space to find true rest, joy, and healing by sitting at the feet of Jesus and being renewed in Him.

a call to remain

After years of following Jesus, it’s tempting to grow complacent in our ministry. NOVO will call us to remain faithful in Christ and to re-engage the mission with passion to see God’s people flourish and His kingdom advance, all for His glory.



general admission



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Tuesday, february 11

8:30am     Check-In Opens

9:00am     Main Session 1

11:15am     Lunch Break

2:00pm   Panel

4:15pm     Dinner Break

7:00pm   Main Session 2


Dr. Matt Carter
Pastor of Preaching and Vision – The Austin Stone

Ray Ortlund
Pastor – Immanuel Church



Austin Stone Worship